Cardinal, Chickadee, Geese and Gull

cardinal in my backyard
Cardinal in my backyard: As Carver said the last time I posted this bright red bird, “Male cardinals are the flowers of winter.” This cardinal looks like he owns the place.

I saw two chickadees in my backyard last week. My, do these little birds jump about.

gull in donaldson park
My daughter and I visited Donaldson Park on Sunday. There were many gulls hanging out by the pond; this one was swimming in the middle, apart from his buddies.

geese donaldson park
Near a slope of Donaldson Park many geese congregated.

tree trunk
This exposed tree trunk is on the edge of a brook on the border of Donaldson Park near the Meadows.

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16 thoughts on “Cardinal, Chickadee, Geese and Gull

  • I am looking at this and NN post..wait a minute.. You got an early start I see. I think that gull has a fish in its mouth. The dees are so quick and friendly…love them….Michelle

  • The red cardinal is a wonderful sight. I doubt there is any of that sort here north, but I sure couldn’t tell. I’ve been extremely short sighted all of my life, and know most small birds by their singing. Well,that is hopefully about to change. I’ve had a new lens operated into my right eye and is about the get a new operated into my left eye today. Wouldn’t that be a wonder, if I could spot the small birds and not only enjoy their song?
    Seagulls I know by the numbers. They are heavy fish eaters and we are living by the coast. They language can become a bit tiresome to times though.
    Your January spring looks so inviting. We still have winter, but the light, the sun is about to return, promising new life and new hope.

    • Felisol,

      Unfortunately, our January thaw is too springlike for me. The cardinals now have seem to gone elsewhere. Good luck with your eyes – sounds promising.

  • You got some wonderful shots. The cardinal stands out so well and I love the little chickadee. They do jump about so fast I rarely get good shots of the chickadees so I’m impressed with your shot. I also enjoy the gulls and geese.

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