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Raritan River Liatris

liatris by Raritan River, Donaldson Park
According to Wikipedia, there are many kinds of liatris. These purple flowers grow by the Raritan River at the edge of Donaldson Park, a large county park situated in Highland Park, New Jersey.

liatris donaldson park raritan river raining
Three weeks ago, when my daughter was in camp and I had a little more time, I went to Donaldson Park and took some photos. I took several of the Raritan River, such as this one with the tall, bare tree at the river bend. I really enjoyed the Raritan River liatris, the purple spikes bursting out of the sandy banks by the river.

liatris rainy day raritan river
It was raining that day, but not enough to get me soaked, despite the fact that I had not brought a raincoat.

liatris new brunswick raritan river donaldson park
In this photo, you can see a little of New Brunswick, New Jersey – that’s where some of Rutgers University resides. New Brunswick is more urban than Highland Park, but it is still small, especially compared to Philadelphia or New York City. Or Newark or Trenton. Actually, all you see is a bit of the bridge of the route 18 highway.

In other nature news, I started filling my bird feeder again (it got neglected as I paid more attention to my garden, but as I explained to my kids, only in the winter am I really concerned that the birds in our area need food to eat). I’ve seen blue jays, a cardinal and mostly lots of sparrows. Maybe soon I’ll have more bird photos.

Carver says

These are so lovely. They are one of my favorite colors.

Susan Cooper says

Aw, how lovely. I love wild flowers in there natural setting. I so get that about the bird feeders. I do the very same thing for many of the same reasons. :-)

Michelle Ramblingwoods says

Really pretty and I don't think I have any. I had planted seeds and most things did not come up after this past winter so I will try again. I am sure the birds are happy. This is the time of year when the bluejays, chickadees and nuthatches start taking seed and hiding it around for the winter.. good idea I think...Michelle

Leora says


That's nice to know, that I'm helping those birds prepare for winter! When it's not so hot, I'll fill the feeder again (how did we get 90 degrees plus on a September day...).

Felicia says

pretty flowers.

Lorri M. says

What lovely photos, Leora. The flowers are so delicate looking, and the pale tones accentuate the delicate look.

I like the view...the brick building's edge. Nice.

Nice of you to think of the birds and their winter needs. I can't wait to see more of your bird photos.


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