Flowers Watercolor Exercise – Nasturtium

flowers watercolor exercise of nasturtium
Flowers exercise (nasturtium) by Leora Wenger, 2014, watercolor, cray pas and pencil on paper
This Flowers watercolor exercise is from a book called One Watercolor a Day. The exercise is to observe some favorite flowers, paint the petals in bright colors, then add contrasting colors to the background. I then added wax crayon and pencil marks (also part of the exercise) to add a bit of line for detail. The flowers I observed are the nasturtium (edible) growing between our sidewalk and street that I planted in June.

Note that the idea is not to get a botanical depiction of a nasturtium – for that, I probably would have done several pencil sketches first and concentrating on one flower. For me, it was to get lose and easy with watercolor yet still display the subject with some amount of realism and observation.

I am hoping I can continue doing watercolors and watercolor exercises – maybe if I aim for at least once a month, I’ll be successful at production!

Have a G’mar Chatimah Tova to all of those who observe Yom Kippur (Friday night to Saturday), and have a great weekend to everyone. The following week is the holiday of Sukkot, so I will be putting my creativity into decorating our Sukkah (and maybe some creativity into cooking as well).

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