Nasturtium and Oh If I had Time

If I had time, I would write these posts:

  • Review of The Man in the White Sharkskin Suit, by Lucette Lagnado, a fine, moving, fascinating book
  • Review of Isaac’s Torah, by Angel Wagenstein
  • Millet Pilaf recipe or my nickname for it, millaf
  • About braces? And kids?

I have had time to putter in the garden, and so our family has enjoyed salad with nasturtium and nasturtium flowers.

9 thoughts on “Nasturtium and Oh If I had Time

  • Oh, and, just sit down, begin writing, and it will eventually flow. If you think too hard about it, that is when you will run into trouble.

    I enjoyed The Man in the White Sharkskin Suit, and remember writing my review of it, not wanting to leave out this or that, but then realized if I put everything in the review, it would be a novella of its own.

    • I wrote the review yesterday on pads of paper – I had a lot to say. Maybe I’ll take out some time this long weekend to write it up for the blog.

    • Oh, definitely the flowers. The flowers are a bit sweeter than the leaves. The leaves are round and give a tangy taste to the salad.

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