A while back when I planted my nasturtium seeds, I posted a watercolor of nasturtium, because I had no pictures of one. Now my garden is full of these pretty orange or yellow edible flowers, so I spent some time Friday afternoon photographing one in particular. The shooting mode of this chosen photo is called “Aperture Priority.” Setting a lower aperture value blurs a bit the background behind the subject.

13 thoughts on “Nasturtium

  • What a gorgeous hot. We had nasturtiums in the garden when I was a kid. Been a long time since I have thought of them… in my memory most of them are darker and bi-colored. This one is very beautiful.

  • Raven, thank you. I wonder if you remember eating them? I put them in salads. I’ve seen dark red ones in photographs, but the ones I grow are yellow or orange. They are easy to grow.

  • EGWow, glad to send you off to your garden.
    Michelle, photo bloggers have gotten me to take up photography as my newest hobby. I learn and I’m encouraged by bloggers like yourself. I’d be happy to teach any of those you mention on my blog. But I must get back to the coding one right now, as that’s the one the provides income.

  • Leora, First let me thank you so very much for the Brilliant Blog award. You are too kind. I have only been blogging for about 3 months but I feel like I have made some friends and certainly seen some beautiful images. Your being at the top as well as your writing. I am honored to accept this award from you and will continue to visit your site on a regular basis.

  • I love those!!! You can eat them in salads, even the leaves have a great peppery taste! I love all edible flowers, they make your food look happy! ;-)))

  • By the way, you saw that well, it was a pacifier! Thanks for the word too, I had no idea what it was called, that’s why I used it on a wordless! Am I smart, or am I smart???

  • Nastrutiums sure are pretty but we just yanked out one from our garden. It was taking over everything! But don’t worry there’s more. And besides being entirely edible they are very good for one’s garden as they attract the bad bugs away from your plants. They definitely take one for the team. 😀

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