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A Fish Head, An Award

I love your blog awardMy friend Jientje of Heaven in Belgium loves awards. It is fun to live vicariously through other people’s photos; recently, she traveled to Portugal, and anyone who visited her blog got to go along. One of my favorite of her recent posts was her poppy photos; she found them in every nook and cranny in Provence! One of the photos she took was a of a fish head; since I need a fish head for a post on Rosh Hashana, she said I could use it (and I will be sure to link back to her!). Somehow a fish head from Portugal seems authentic, like one that might have been used back in the 15th century by the Jews of Portugal. Jientje is not Jewish, so she probably wasn’t looking for traces of the Jewish community on her trip, but I did get interested in exploring Portugese Jewish history.

This wasn’t the first time she gave me an award. I’ve already given blog awards to some of my daily favorites (including Ilana-Davita, Gail (I just linked to one of my favorite songs), Mom in Israel (who’s in your neighborhood?), Daniel Saunders, Robin (bougainvillea alert), Batya (she’s got my garden!), Michelle (a Paul McCartney tidbit here)).

I’m going to give this award to a category I’m going to call the late-night mommy bloggers. This are women who write late night posts amidst their busy lives:

I’ll Call Baila – I did call her, when I was in Israel, but we didn’t manage to meet. I had fun working on this post of her town with her. She recently started working full-time again. And she wants you to send funds so she can see Paul McCartney (or did that happen already? Oh, well).

SuperRaizy – Her latest has been to draw attention to those protecting child molesters instead of exposing them. Yes, it is outrageous. She also would like to see Paul in concert, but for her, you’ll have to pay for the airfare, too, as she’s in New York. Unless Paul is playing in New York soon?

HaddasahBo – Her latest post really touched me. An excerpt:

Of course when I got home I had a complete and total meltdown. What was I thinking? That I could manage to work and run the house and be a good mom and have some me-time? Hardee-har-har! … But I managed. My nap energized me. I woke up, the kids got home, we cooked supper, we did homework, we ate together, laundry got done, I even cut the boys’ hair, I managed to get them all showered and pajamaed and bedded – and ended off the evening with a lovely conversation with a new friend (that’s me-time right?) .

A Living Nadneyda – Always striving to keep the balance. She’s got some great posts on therapy that I am planning to read carefully, after I finish this post.

Juggling Frogs – Yup, the blog name says it all. I loved her post about worm boxes. She brings lots of enthusiasm to all her posts. And to her twitterings, too. Did I mention she was the very first person to comment on my blog?

So, thanks, Jientje, for another opportunity for hakarat hatov (recognition of good).

Fish head post coming soon.

mother in israel says

Great choices!!

Ilana-Davita says

You have good taste; they're all blogs I read too!

A Living Nadneyda says

Hey, thanks!!! I'm honored! I'm a regular reader of all but one, and now I guess I'm adding yet another to the ever-growing list.

Shana Tova and all the best.

Baila says

Wasn't it Sally Fields who said when she received her oscar, "You like me, you really like me!"

Thank you, this feels good.

Hadassah Sabo says

wow = thanks so much for the shout out - so great to come home from work and find out that my simple words touched you enough for you to want to share them with other people. thank you.

shana tova to you and yours.


Leora says

Hadassah, you write from the heart! I think others can relate.

Baila, welcome to the Academy Awards, bloggy-style.

ALN, glad you're enjoying this.

Raizy says

Wow, this is so nice, thank you! I didn't realize that I was a "late night mommy blogger", but I guess it fits. (Now I know what to answer my daughter when she asks "Mommy, what do you do at night after we go to sleep?")
I visit your blog all the time too, although I don't always comment.
Just one correction: The post that you referred to was not actually about "child abusers who retain their teaching posts". It was actually a commentary on an issue that was brought up by Wolf, Ezzie, MO Chassid, and other J-bloggers who are upset that some people in the NY community have been protecting child molesters instead of exposing them.
But your solicitation of funds on my behalf so that I can see Paul McCartney in concert is a fabulous idea!!!

Leora says

Raizy, thanks for the correction. I updated the language with your words. I had just read a post by Rafi, who was writing about a similar problem in a school in Beit Shemesh.

Glad you enjoyed my trying to get you Paul McCartney tickets!

Michelle says

Wonderful..more blogs to visit on a great recommendation...

Jientje says

Hakarat hatov, huh?
I'll try to remember that!
Oh and the poppy's, I found them in La Provence, in France, but that does not matter really!
Thanks for your kind words!

Leora says

Jientje, yes, I'm teaching you some Hebrew and an important Jewish expression! Thanks for correcting my text; I changed the poppies to Provence.

Juggling Frogs says

Wow, Leora! Thank you so much. I'm honored to be in such good company at any hour!

hihorosie says

Congrats on your award and to the others as well! All deserving. :)


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