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Awards to Photo Bloggers, Mostly

Just last week I responded to a blog challenge, passed on to me by Ilana-Davita. I mentioned quite a few of my favorite bloggers on that post. Then on Thursday, I get awarded this sweet little award by Jientje, who has a lovely blog called Heaven in Belgium:

What did I do for this award? I just look at her beautiful photos and tell her how much I enjoy them. And I learn about Belgium. It seems that sunshine is always a pleasant surprise there, the few days that they get some sun. I learned a little about Belgium previously from a friend who grew up there; if you skip down to the bottom of the post, you’ll see where he now lives.

Since I didn’t award Ilana-Davita in my last list, I’ll put her first here:

Ilana-Davita: I never would have believed one could make friends blogging, but I really feel like I have found a special friend! Her posts, varying from her cozy reading nook to a review or of a book or a movie, are warm and welcoming. Her photos are charming, and her recipes delicious. We’ve studied the Book of Ruth and Pirkei Avot (Ethics of the Fathers) together, and now we are discussing Psalms as our next possible topic. I highly recommend the banana cake, which I made on Friday.

Next, let’s visit the rambling woods:
Michelle: Her blog is beautiful. If you like mama ducks and baby ducks, she has photographed many, and she will tell you all about the birds and other critters that live near her. And every time she leaves me a comment on my blog, I enjoy hearing what she has to say.

And now to Norway, where I don’t know what’s written but the views are fabulous:
Stine’s hverdag

Also in Norway, see Huset Med Det Rare I Absolutely stunning photos

And…in the South Pacific? Not sure, but this is Fish Whisperer’s blog:
Picture This Digital Photography

If you enjoy photos of Israel, be sure to visit Dina:
Jerusalem Hills Daily

Janet has a fun Wednesday “What is it?”; see great photos on her blog with the cool name:
Fond of Snape

And a big, big thank you to Mary/Teach, who runs Ruby Tuesday at Work of the Poet and always has something nice to say about my photos!

Finally, just to throw you all off course from all these great photo bloggers, I’ll mention one political blogger:

Carl in Jerusalem at Israel Matzav

and now I’ll say nothing else about politics. But I will show you one photo of where my friend who grew up in Belgium now lives. It’s an area that gets lots and lots of sun:
It’s in Israel; can anyone tell me where in Israel?

Finally, if you want have fun with this and go forward, please post this little award on your blog, pass it on to at least seven new bloggers, and link back to me (thank you). There’s a little expression in Hebrew called “Hakarat HaTov”, recognition of the good, and I like to think that we can spread a little good recognition around the planet.

SandyCarlson says

You have honored some wonderful bloggers here. God bless.

Baila says

Is it Yad Binyamin? It could be almost any Yishuv, Israel.

I love looking at the photo blogs. I just don't have time to comment! Photography has always interested me and I want to learn more about it, but for now I limit myself. Otherwise I'd never be away from the computer...

Ilana-Davita says

I blush at the compliment. Thank you so much.
I'm glad you and your family enjoyed the cake.
From what I understand, Huset Med Det Rare I is a Norwegian blog and its subtitle means: a story of a house, the people who live there and the nature around it.

Jientje says

It's always nice to get a compliment, thanks Leora!

Leora says

Sandy, and thank you for helping Tom with Sky Watch.
Baila, try again... YOU can get it. (hint:right click on the image, pick View Image, look in the URL locater at the top of the browser, and therein lies the answer).
Ilana-Davita, my pleasure. Thanks for telling me it was Norway; I typed in one word in a Google dictionary, and I thought it might be Swedish.
Jientje, again, with pleasure. I'm having fun!

Ilana-Davita says

Swedish and Norse are very similar, so is Danish but Swedish does not have those strange "o".

Baila says soon as you said, "YOU", I figured it was Chashmonaim, where you spent some time on your recent vacation. I go there fairly often, and just haven't seen it from that perspective.

Leora says

Baila, I didn't think anyone else except you would get it. Thanks for participating.

Michelle says

Leora..I was very touched this morning when I read your blog. I never intended that other people would read my journal, but I am happy that you enjoy it and I have met some really nice people. My husband would dispute the idea that you could meet a friend in cyberspace, but he only uses the computer for e-mail and the Times crossword. I thank you and now I have new blogs to look at too...

Leora says

Michelle, I'm so happy to hear that. I've been telling my husband and father about my new blogger friends.

hihorosie says

CONGRATS TO YOU! And congrats to those you nominated. It's always great to be recognized and you certainly deserve it. Display with pride! :)

Janet says

Oh, Leora, thank you!!! I'm honored that you mentioned me and I'm glad you have fun with the What Is It Wednesday posts!!!

Leora says

Janet, my pleasure.
Rosie, thanks for the congrats!

Fish Whisperer says

Thank you so much I have posted on another image.

Leora says

With pleasure, Fish Whisperer. I had no idea you have only been doing this for a short time, shorter than me. You appear to be an expert textpert blogger! Love learning about Fiji.


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