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penThis is a “baby” blog. It was born in December 2007. One of the ways I hope to bring it from babyhood to toddlerdom is by honoring my commenters.

Taking a cue from the Rambam, the twelfth-century philosopher and expert in Jewish law who talks about 8 degrees of charity, I came up with 4 levels of commenting etiquette.

Level One: this is kind of a pre-level. It just learning how to leave a comment on someone else’s blog. You are not writing a whole post, but stating something in as clear a fashion as you can.

Level Two: Thank those who leave comments on your site. I still remember when I posted a comment on E-Kvetcher’s site on loshon hara (laws of gossip–a topic I would like to blog about, some time, some day). Look what a nice comment he left for me, after I left a few longish comments (I initiated the use of the term ‘blab’): “Leora, welcome and feel free to blab away.”

Level Three: If someone comments on your site, and you have never visited their site, go back and visit their site. And leave a comment. On something. Here was Jack’s first comment on my site, on my anti-pantyhose post: “Men are far more practical. No pantyhose, no pumps, no girdles.” So I went back to his site to find a post on which I could leave a comment. No comment on the particular post I found; it was one of Jack’s strange ones. I’ll give a link to Jack’s Comments on Commenting instead.

Level Four: Finally, the highest level is to link to a blogger or a blogger’s post in one of your posts. Search engines don’t follow the links in comments. But they do follow the links in posts. So here are links to blog posts by people who commented in the past week:

Finally, thank you to Jill, and here’s a link to her Flower for Kiersten painting.

Hakarat hatov = Recognizing the good (Hebrew expression)

14 thoughts on “Comments on Comments

  • I should add that commenting on other blogs is one of the best ways to build your own blog. You are being smart by acknowledging your commenters as well.

    I try to make a point of responding when people comment on my blog. It is the polite thing to do, I am not always good about it, but…

  • You are guys are fast! I’ve been thinking about this post for several weeks, finally took out some time to write it, and you’ve both already read it!

    Mother in Israel, the movie about the Rav was one of your first posts I read and really liked. I remember having a hard time with the pink on fuschia. We solved that one, right?

    Jack, if you must know, the strange post was about the woman stuck on the toilet.

  • Thanks for the link, Leora. I’ve been blogging for almost 5 years. I used to link to other blogs and comment more, but I guess I’ve gotten a bit lazy. If I do comment or link, you know you’ve written something very special in order to have moved me out of my sedentary blogging habits.

  • Gail: Five years! Wow. Was it an interest in politics that got you started?

    I mostly just wanted to learn WordPress. I’ve been learning much more than that.

  • Yes, politics was a big part of it. I have been communicating with a group of people on a message board since 1997. I am the only Jew. They are very nice, I’ve learned a lot from them and they’ve become my friends, but there were certain things I felt that I needed to express on my own.

  • Ah the toilet woman, well it was kind of different. Part of the joy of blogging is pulling out all sorts of interesting people and places.


    I remember those days long ago when you used to comment more. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I am the same way now, almost four years in and…

  • Thanks, mother in israel. A compliment on my posts is helping me as I prepare (buy and/or cook) for Shabbat on a Thursday food that I won’t be eating but my family will. I’m blocking out of my mind all the Pesach cleaning I will have to do when I return.

    Jill, I really enjoyed linked to your Flowers for Kiersten painting.

  • this is my rule #1: don’t post more that one new post if you haven’t responded yet to the comments on older posts. if people take the time to leave a comment i think it is proper to respond.

  • Lion of Zion,

    rule #1: donโ€™t post more that one new post if you havenโ€™t responded yet to the comments on older posts
    That’s an interesting idea. Since sometimes I like to post what I would call very HEAVY posts, like about cancer or dealing with anger, I prefer to add a post of jokes at the same time. Just to lighten our human load.

    And on Friday I wanted to leave some kind of dvar torah before I left for my trip, so I waited to respond to comments until after I came back.

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