13 thoughts on “Ruby Tuesday: My Boys

  • They’re probably not literally matching shirts (?) but the colors are nearly identical nonetheless. Happy Ruby Tuesday, and thanks for stopping by my blog.


  • oh man. that’s my favorite place in israel. as a kid i used to play in the trenches there. when i was in yeshivah i camped there with some friends one night and slept in the trenches. a few years ago i walked there with my wife on shabbat, but we couldn’t get in. they put up a fence around it.

  • Lion of Zion, congratulations on being the first one to make a note on the place! OK, sometime this summer, a post about Givat Hatachmoshet. Spine-chilling, some of the war stories we learned.

    >they put up a fence around it
    It’s now very museumy. More museum being built while we were there. It was probably free in the old days, right? Everything’s going cost a few shekel (or more) in Israel soon. Everything’s going to have a little “seret” or movie before you start your visit, too. Only the Kotel itself is still free.

  • Jack, thanks for sending the link to the song. So beautiful and so sad. Many of the 168(?) that were killed in Jerusalem in 1967 are featured in the museum. Some of those “boys” had been born around the same time as the State of Israel.

  • Yes, they are building a library (and possibly an auditorium or other?), but that wasn’t open yet. This was my first visit, so I have nothing to compare.

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