Another Photoshopped photo. I do hope these women don’t recognize themselves. I used so many different Photoshop tools: brush, clone stamp, palette knife, colored pencil filter, sponge, desaturate, paint daubs, magic wand.

14 thoughts on “Yawn

  • Wow..that is really cool. It looks like a painting. I just worked my way back after going through some back posts. There is so much information here!. I must get over my phobia of photo editing software. I must and I will…Michelle

  • That’s great. It needs a fun caption, like something two older ladies wouldn’t be expected to be talking about. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Michelle, go ahead and play. For me, the phobia was showing everyone my results, even if I think it’s so-so. I’m getting over that one.
    Tamara, so, what should the caption be?
    Ilana-Davita, yeah, I really do miss “real” painting, though. It’s more satisfying, but takes a lot more cleaning up.

  • I just got a new Canon PowerShot 750, which can do alot of nifty things. I really have to find the time to read the manual, and then play with photoshop. That picture is great!

  • Baila, I recommend using the pre-set settings (Indoor, Kids ‘n Pets, Foliage, Beach, Auto, Portrait, Night) and don’t worry about the manual settings for a while. The manuals are really difficult, and I suspect I would have better results with an SLR camera. I already know the limitations of the Canon Powershots, but for most purposes, they are great cameras.

    thanks so much everyone else.

  • Not necessary to know what you did, important is the result.

    Wonderful art-photo.

    “Dankeschรถn” from Gerany

  • torsdag, some artists like to talk about their paint brushes. I like to talk Photoshop tools. And maybe one or two readers are interested in those details, too? Thanks for visiting.

    Mary, yes, I felt like I had the paints to throw about…I guess I’m getting closer to feeling the “let go and paint” feeling I get when I paint with oils.

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