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Today’s Flowers in the Golan

blue thistle golan israelglobe thistle
These globe thistle flowers were growing all over the hillsides when we visited Banias in the Golan Heights, Israel last June.

They give the hills a pretty purplish look.

The Golan is a beautiful place to visit, with many places to hike and mountains to view.

Today’s Flowers is hosted by Luiz Santilli Jr. Thank you, Luiz, for featuring flower followers who share photos in a fun fashion.

Ilana-Davita says

Nice and delicate blue flowers. Thanks for adding their environment. The whole place looks magnificent.

Krisu says

So lovely little blue flowers! Thanks for the views, too.

Pekka says

In Greese ( Samos-island ) I saw same nice flowers when we went there our summer holidayweek in july. ;-)

Yen says

Beautiful! I love that first shot:)Mine is posted HERE. Happy Today's Flower!~

Gemma says

Lovely! And that first pic especially is fascinating! The colour intrigues me because here in Australia, I have only seen a darker purple thistle flower and ours is much smaller!

red tin heart says

I love thistle. The yellow birds here love it. I enjoyed looking at your photos, they were very pretty.
xoxo Nita

Denise BC says

Hi, Leora

Dazzling blue globe, highlighting even more the beautiful scenery, good work. I thank you for sharing.

Denise & Santilli - the team of Today's Flowers

Luiz Ramos says

Beautiful flowers. Great Nature.

G_mirage says

Surely was summer then, those flowers are meant for warm days, i love blue flowers! Have a nice week!

Denise says

Wild flowers are so amazing and I love these. Beautiful photos.

Michelle says

Thank you for sharing these photos Leora..

Dulce says

They must turn the fields even nicer!

Sherry says

I love these flowers, love the deep color. What a pretty place where they grow!

Paz says

Oh, how lovely! Beautiful scenery, too.

Sonia Mascaro says

Nice photos! So beautiful the view to the mountain.

Thanks so much for your gentle comment on my blog Anniversary!
You are very welcome to the "party".

Have a nice week ahead.

Sonia Mascaro says

I forgot to say that I love your banner and your avatar photo, you when a little girl!

Carletta says

The thistle is nice to be sure; but those views make these shots!

ShutterHappyJenn says

The thistles are really pretty!

My flower photo is now posted here. Have a great week ahead!

melissa qubti says really is soooo beautiful......

ReaderWil says

Really very beautiful! I've never seen such a flower! Thank you for showing!

nonizamboni says

These photos of the Golan are lovely and they confirm why Israel would want to maintain their places there. And the thistle is a great capture. Thanks for sharing.

East Gwillimbury WOW! says

It's nice to see the globe thistles in their natural environment.

hihorosie says

Such wonderful pics - those thistle pics are great! A happy flower.