Today’s Flowers: Chives, Columbine and Bleeding Heart

Who would have thought that chives up close can produce such pretty purple flowers? I look forward to my sage plant blooming as well; it also produces lovely purple blooms.

This was what I photographed of my columbine plant one week ago.

Here’s the same plant one week later, with an open white bloom.

The bleeding heart plant (dicentra spectabilis) on the side of my house is showing its little pink hearts. After a while, the greenery of this perennial plant dies down, and one has to be careful to leave it alone so it will bloom again next year.

23 thoughts on “Today’s Flowers: Chives, Columbine and Bleeding Heart

    • Yes. The chives were actually taken with my newest acquisition, a 75-300 mm lens that goes with my Canon Rebel XTi.

  • I love the photo of the chives! The others too, they are so lovely and delicate! I don’t have a garden, so I am a bit in envy! 🙂

  • Chives really are lovely flowers. I used to have some growing on my roof and I loved shooting the flowers.

  • Herbs can be so very decorative. I use chives to companion plant with my roses..they keep the aphids confused.
    Lovely bleeding hearts, I love them so much but cannt grow them in our climate.

    • Hmm…perhaps I should take a little pot of the chives and place it near my climbing rose bush, as it sometimes gets aphids. Thanks for the idea.

  • Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I love the blossoms on the chive plants!Mine have yet to open..yours are so far ahead of ours here in my growing zone 6.
    Happy Mother’s Day Leora!

  • Beautiful blossoms! Columbines are among my favorite flowers, but I’ve been unsuccessful at growing them here.

  • Just been exploring your website. I LOVE your flower pictures! The composition, the sharp flower against the hazy color background…
    Very impressive. I love taking close-up photos of flowers too, so we have that in common! The columbine pics were beautiful! And the bleeding heart and a bunch from the other pages that I can’t remember, like the azalea with a flower in front.

    • Shelley, so glad you have left a comment on my site! I started doing photography as a predecessor to doing a painting. Then I discovered “photo memes,” like Today’s Flowers, and I learned more about the artsy-ness of photography. Also, when you have children with you, it’s much easier to snap a photo than to complete a painting.

  • amazing, I’ve never seen such flowers before. The columbine in the second picture looks like a frog hanging upside down from a tree, amazing that it turns into a pretty white and yellow flower.

    • “a frog hanging upside down from a tree”
      great metaphor for something…love the wording.

      Some columbines are more colorful. I had a red one for a while, but it didn’t “procreate,” unfortunately.

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