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Two American Windows


Can you guess which window is in Cape May, New Jersey and which one is in Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania?

For more window views, visit:

Dianne says

the top is PA
the shutters are Cape May

I can make a case for either way, I just remember lots of shutters in Cape May

they're both really pretty

Leora says

The top is Cape May. Fancy details.
Bottom is Washington Crossing, PA. Simpler lines and not as clean; Cape May is a wealthier area.

Lew says

I like the clean lines of the top window! My guess is that the shutters are Cape May to protect the windows from storms.

Mar says

I couldn't tell which one is which, but I love your windows!!

kaye says

I would put the shutters in Cape May as well. Both shots have a lot of character. If you want to wander down my road I’m home.

Jew Wishes says

I am guessing that the photo with the window shutters are Cape May.

Sara says

I never would have been able to experience on the East Coast! I do like the shades of blue in both photos.

Baila says

I guessed correctly. Cape May's homes are more victorian and the second one looks more early america--as would be fitting for Washington's Crossing. Both pictures are nice.

Leora says

Very good, Baila - many of Cape May's homes were destroyed in a fire in the 1870's, so many of the pretty homes one now sees there are from that post-fire period.

The Pagan Sphinx says

Nice windows!

James says

That was too easy for me. :-)
I like both though.

mary/theteach says

Leora, I love colonial windows! And of course the colors white and wedgewood blue! :)

ramblingwoods says

OK..and I didn't look...Top is Cape May...

nadine1111 says

Great pictures.Greeting!


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