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Review in a Burning Bush

cardinal in a burning bush
Red Male Cardinal in a Burning Bush

Mrs. S. pointed out that the burning bush, the name of the shrub that the cardinal is hiding in, was also in the parsha yesterday.
Parsha quiz: Who were Shifra and Puah? Give two possible answers.
Update: See Daniel’s post for three answers.

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Daniel Saunders says

Who were Shifra and Puah?

I'll give three answers:

1) Yocheved and Miriam.

2) Yocheved and Elisheva.

3) Two Egyptian women.

I wrote about this for my shul newsletter this week.

Leora says

Daniel, excellent. We only mentioned 1) and 3).

I just asked my husband - he said 2) was a minor commentator's opinion, and 1) won out.

ramblingwoods says

Nice pop of color for your review...

Ilana-Davita says

Thanks for including a link to my post; I have only just realized.

Leora says

I wrote this right before I wrote the abuse post, so it wasn't up as long as usual before I had a new post. Friday was crazy. Writing a review of an already too busy week was easily the first thing to drop.