Zoo Drawing: Animal Identification, Please

zoo drawing
My daughter has once again contributed a drawing for you to explore. Nu, so what do you see?

Thanks for playing!

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13 thoughts on “Zoo Drawing: Animal Identification, Please

  • Could that be a red spotted giraffe I see in the foreground, with a bluebird on his back? A happy Koala? An ebullient elephant?
    I couldn’t blow up the pic to see if the little brown guys on the zoo sign were monkeys or not…
    Very bright, colorful, happy picture 😀

  • An elephant on the right, a monkey in the midle, a giraffe (?) on the left. I first thought the blue animal was a parrot but the legs are a bit long and it seems to have ears.

  • I agree with Ilana-Davita – From left to right: bird, giraffe, monkey, and elephant.

    Also, the zoo sign seems to be decorated with brown footprints.

    And kol hakavod to your daughter, whose pictures get more sophisticated all the time!

  • Thanks for the responses!

    The daughter has spoken: it’s a bird, a giraffe, a lion and an elephant. And the brown marks at top are either footprints or a design. Or both.

    I mentioned the ears on the bird, and she said, with hands clasped to her face, “I forgot.” I told her don’t worry about it.

    • Maybe you could tell her about poetic license. I loved drawing and painting until my art teacher made fun of me in front of the class – I was 10 at the time – because I had painted a sky ultramarine.
      I agree with Mrs.S. that hr drawings are becoming more sophisticated.

      • I agree that one can intimidate a child by criticizing them in front of a class! Speaking of art teachers, I should really send this post to her art teacher. They did a segment on animals recently, and I think this drawing is the result of some of those efforts.

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