Review with Yellow and Purple Crocuses

Purple and Yellow Crocuses in Highland Park, New Jersey March 2010
Purple and Yellow Crocuses in Highland Park, New Jersey March 2010

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•  What is your favorite part of the Pesach seder?

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  • A friend sent an email with an article by Walter Russell Mead about Jacksonian Zionists. A curious term, the article didn’t really explain. So I went online and found this article The Jacksonian Tradition by Walter Russell Mead.
  • Some good parenting ideas from teacher Ilana-Davita.
  • Jientje shows a real Belgium chocolate shop.
  • Rambling Woods talks lawns. In part two she has problems with a neighbor who “CAN’T HAVE DANDELIONS.” How would you respond?
  • Daniel reviews The Once and Future King. Word of advice to parents: if you are recommending this book to your kids, tell them to read The Sword and the Stone. You may not yet want your child reading about the triangle between Arthur, Guenevere and Lancelot (voice of a parent who made this mistake speaking).
  • Jew Wishes found The Last of the Just by André Schwarz-Bart an enthralling novel.

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