Bridge in Central Park

bridge in Central Park
This shot was taken from Central Park South, looking into the park. Moments after I took the photo, a bird pooped on my face and on top of my long camera lens. Did I burst out singing “I love New York!” ? No, but my son said it was time to stop taking pictures.

22 thoughts on “Bridge in Central Park

  • Love your gorgeous capture! And I can understand why your son felt it was time to go — nothing like pooping birds to mess up the face AND the camera! No place like New York, Central Park and pooping birds!! Haven’t been there in a long time, thanks for the memories! Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!


    • My kids see my camera and start to groan. For them, it means mom is straying and taking too long to look at the scenery…

  • I absolutely love this photo…
    Possibly in part, because I love the place.
    I love to go out on the lake at take photos juxtaposing the wonderful natural beauty with the New York skyline behind.
    We should definitely meet for rowing!

    • Oh, I prefer boating in New Jersey, New Hampshire, upstate New York or Vermont – I get into New York City once a year to see the parade, and then I rarely come back. I’m not a big city person.

  • What a gorgeous capture…bringing back fond childhood memories of Central Park.

    LOL on your son’s comment. I agree.

    Shabbat Shalom!

  • hahahaha oh, that naughty bird!
    but i love your photo…i’ve been to a few bridges in Central Park but i don’t think i walked on this one. fabulous shot.

    • One thing about New York: it looks pretty, but it often doesn’t smell so nice. I wouldn’t want to post the smell.

  • Loved this park, it’s so wonderful and your picture is amazing.Bad luck with that bird heh??LOL Just kidding!
    Thanks for this beautiful picture,
    Happy Sunday

  • Have I seen this bridge in a movie somewhere? Love the ivy on the bridge! Hope both you and your camera recovered from the bird poop ;D

  • What a fine contribution to Sunday Bridges, Leora! ยซLouisยป is delighted that you joined – but he’s very sorry to read that you were bombed by a bird while getting the shot! The things we endure in the line of duty!

  • What a beautiful shot in NY. I love how the bright clothing on the right are reflected in the water. I always enjoy Central Park when I visit my sister who lives in Manhattan.

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