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Bridge in Central Park

bridge in Central Park
This shot was taken from Central Park South, looking into the park. Moments after I took the photo, a bird pooped on my face and on top of my long camera lens. Did I burst out singing “I love New York!” ? No, but my son said it was time to stop taking pictures.

Sylvia Kirkwood says

Love your gorgeous capture! And I can understand why your son felt it was time to go -- nothing like pooping birds to mess up the face AND the camera! No place like New York, Central Park and pooping birds!! Haven't been there in a long time, thanks for the memories! Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!


Leora says

My kids see my camera and start to groan. For them, it means mom is straying and taking too long to look at the scenery...

G6 says

I absolutely love this photo...
Possibly in part, because I love the place.
I love to go out on the lake at take photos juxtaposing the wonderful natural beauty with the New York skyline behind.
We should definitely meet for rowing!

Leora says

Oh, I prefer boating in New Jersey, New Hampshire, upstate New York or Vermont - I get into New York City once a year to see the parade, and then I rarely come back. I'm not a big city person.

Jew Wishes says

What a gorgeous capture...bringing back fond childhood memories of Central Park.

LOL on your son's comment. I agree.

Shabbat Shalom!

Dianne says

bird poop is good luck ;)

lovely shot
Central Park is a gem

Regina says

Wow its beautiful Leora.
Enjoy the weekend.

VioletSky says

Love the greenery growing over the bridge.
One day I will make it back to NYC in a month that is not January!

MaryBeth says

What a super shot. Love all the green and the wonder of the pond.

Kids say the darndest things. MB

luna miranda says

hahahaha oh, that naughty bird!
but i love your photo...i've been to a few bridges in Central Park but i don't think i walked on this one. fabulous shot.

Ilana-Davita says

Your Central Park shots remind me of films that have scenes there.

Leora says

One thing about New York: it looks pretty, but it often doesn't smell so nice. I wouldn't want to post the smell.

Bonjour Luxembourg says

Loved this park, it's so wonderful and your picture is amazing.Bad luck with that bird heh??LOL Just kidding!
Thanks for this beautiful picture,
Happy Sunday

cieldequimper says

Oh you're making me crave for NYC with such a wonderful shot!

Leif Hagen says

Leora - cool how that bridge is covered in greenery! Nice photo for bridge Sunday!

Kaori says

Have I seen this bridge in a movie somewhere? Love the ivy on the bridge! Hope both you and your camera recovered from the bird poop ;D

Louis la Vache says

What a fine contribution to Sunday Bridges, Leora! «Louis» is delighted that you joined - but he's very sorry to read that you were bombed by a bird while getting the shot! The things we endure in the line of duty!

Oakland Daily Photo says

Lovely shot. All that greenery in a dense urban setting is always a surprise.

blue says

so beautiful...i would be happy to see such kind of place.....lovely!

carolynUSA says

This is GORGEOUS...poop and all! Cute story to accompany such a lovely bridge.

EG Wow says

Oh, this is a wow! I really like this, Leora!

Carver says

What a beautiful shot in NY. I love how the bright clothing on the right are reflected in the water. I always enjoy Central Park when I visit my sister who lives in Manhattan.