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Pied Piper of Highland Park

Pied Piper in sepia
Unlike the original story of the Pied Piper of Hamlin, in which many children may have died of the plague, the Pied Piper of Highland Park is the story of a girl who likes to put on a show. And her mother who likes to play with Photoshop.

pied piper
Her mother took all the background out of the original photo, except for a little on the right, after converting to sepia. Except for the red ribbon and the girl’s face.

stars pied piper
A Photoshop brush of a star helped create a vibrant background. No rats were involved in this Highland Park project. And no children died of the plague. Thank goodness!

Jeri says

All I can say is that girl's mother is VERY talented --LOVE the pics!!!

Ralph says

She is beautiful, and carries herself as a budding performing artist. The audience (of one or many) is impressed with her ability and dedication to her craft. Likewise, mom as a talented graphic artist enhances the scene. I am partial to the stars, this looking like the perfect cover to the program of the performance...

anemonen says

Lovely pic!

Gemma @ Greyscale says

Love the performance expression on the young face! Beautiful! And love your processing stages! Fascinating!

Dharma Shots says

i love the red ribbon coz it really makes the sepia look so natural... you're good with PS. I suck when its PS, heheh... thanks for the comment btw.

Ilana-Davita says

Great result! And I love ypur comments too.