Summer Stock: Fireworks on the 4th

Fireworks 2010 July 4th Asbury Park Beach
Fireworks 2010 July 4th Asbury Park Beach

Last year we watched the fireworks on Asbury Park beach. This year we plan to travel to Donaldson Park (a five minute drive from home) to watch the local fireworks show. My daughter and I have planned a picnic dinner – she and my son remember being hungry last year on the beach and watching others with their picnic feasts.

If you don’t live in the U.S.A., on what occasions do you get to see fireworks?

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  • Great capture! Here in Israel, many (but not all) municipalities often have fireworks displays on Yom HaAtzma’ut (Israel’s Independence Day).

    • Since cities in Israel are so close together, I wonder if you can see more than one show at a time if you are in a middle location?

  • In the UK we have Guy Fawkes Night, although I haven’t been to a Guy Fawkes celebration in years. Living in an area with an large Asian population, we see Diwali fireworks too (never sure if I’m allowed to look at them – does it count as avodah zarah?). I also live within sight of Wembley Stadium, so sometimes we see very expensive firework displays from concerts there.

  • (To answer your question, we can see at least 6 or 8 other municipalities’ fireworks on Yom Haazmaut, but I do live on a high floor :).)

    Love the capture with the multiple bursts and the smoke, it feels just like being there.

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  • Wonderful fireworks shot! Happy 4th July tomorrow!:-)
    Here in Norway are the only rockets on New Year’s Eve. And it is very strictly, it is only allowed to use battery rockets.

    Happy sunday:-)

  • Lovely photo! We’ll be in the neighborhood tomorrow night for the big show. We really dislike crowds, so going where the “big” displays are just isn’t a lot of fun for us. Perhaps if July 4th was in the middle of a cooler season!

  • Fourth of July fireworks absolutely mean summertime here in the USA!

    We saw fireworks on the Seine in Paris once…I think was commemorating a Saint’s day? It was June 21st I think….or maybe it was for the Summer Solstice! Whatever, those were the most amazing fireworks.

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