One Hundred Equals Twenty

Leora Presents 100=20 While Kindergarten Son Hides Under Table
Leora Presents 100=20 While Kindergarten Son Hides Under Table

Way back over ten years ago, my then kindergarten age son and I were supposed to do a presentation to the rest of his class on a topic related to the book of Breishit. However, my ever social son never took a class with Janice Tomich on presentations skills, so he hid under the table. Instead, I gave the presentation myself.

It seems I started to blog about 100 20 and 7 back in 2008, but I never completed the post. Can anyone explain in the comments how 100 equals 20?

(Update in 2022: see the comments to learn why 100 – 20).


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  • I think it’s only fair that I let someone else answer, but I WILL say that I like the way you illustrated Rashi’s commentary on Breishit 23:1… 😉

    • Always looking for more excuses to illustrate, especially divrei Torah. If anyone wants an illustration for a parsha post…

  • (I waited a while for other people to comment.)

    According to the midrash, quoted by Rashi, Sarah at 100 was as innocent as at 20 and at 20 she was as beautiful as a 7 year old.

    However, there is some evidence that this is the wrong way round: she was as beautiful as a 20 year old and as innocent as a 7 year old. See here (being British, I have no hesitation following Chief Rabbi Hertz’s opinion. I am currently using his Chumash commentary for my reading of each week’s sedra).

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