Nature Notes: Early Fall Backyard

rudbeckia with blue background
I really would have liked to have photographed some of the blue jays I saw yesterday. Instead, here’s a rudbeckia from a yard in which I emphasized the blue background with Photoshop.

aster tiny flying insect
When I put this photo of tiny asters on my computer, I noticed a tiny flying insect enjoyed the flowers even more than I did.

ugly red berries
Ugly red berries (maybe you like them?) are growing on a tree in my backyard.

sparrow discovers bird feeder
I finally filled my bird feeder again. I left it alone all summer, as birds seem to love my compost in the summer. But I’m trying to get in the habit of filling it, so in the winter the birds will know they can show up for a nosh. This sparrow seems to have already helped himself – do you think he is digesting his meal before flying off? Or is that only something humans do?

Next week is Sukkot and the week after Simhat Torah-Shemini Atzeret, so I won’t have much time for blogging or Nature Notes. On Sukkot we do have some contact with nature – in particular, we sit outside in a sukkah for all our meals. One can see see the stars through the roof of the sukkah (assuming it’s a clear night). Can any of my Jewish friends explain to my non-Jewish readers a few other natural elements of Sukkot?

15 thoughts on “Nature Notes: Early Fall Backyard

    • I suppose I really enjoy blogging! Especially Nature Notes. I had a lot of work yesterday, so I went outside 3 times as a break and took photos. Once I have the photos, it’s just a bit of nighttime churn time to put them up.

      Recipes and book reviews take me a lot longer to write.

  • I do like the berries, they look like tiny lightbulbs – look for a switch at the tree trunk 😉 Do you know the name of the tree? I’ve never seen anything like it.

    • Don’t know anything about the tree – it seems to be stuck between two others, one being a lovely Rose of Sharon shrub.

  • I think the ugly berries are pretty 🙂

    My Nana used to make a small symbolic sukkah inside her apartment. I would put one of my dolls in it and she’d laugh.

    She told me that Sukkot was a lot like Thanksgiving except that it was meant to be grateful for the things that God made instead of man made things.

    • Actually, I believe historically Thanksgiving was influenced by Sukkot.

      I used to make a shoe box sukkah as a kid and put it in our big sukkah. I would add my doll furniture.

  • I remembered reading about this last year and went back to your post. I don’t know how you make time for blogging with all that you have to do but I do appreciate your visits and wise/caring comments. I too like the berries and I hope the birds find them. The house sparrow is doing what they do..hang out near the food. LOL.. Yes birds digest and then it runs right through to the windshield.. This reminds me that I need to learn how to use Photo Shop..I keep saying that and not doing it. This winter….Thank you for posting to Nature Notes…Michelle

    • “runs right through to the windshield” – ha! I assume you mean a human’s windshield. Can you imagine that sparrow driving a car? Or a little plane?

      Blogging helps keep me sane (among all the other stuff I gotta do – the hardest being staying patient with my daughter).

  • Dear Leora,
    I must have known you quite some time now. This is the third year I am celebrating Sukkot with you.
    I so admire the sukkah your husband has built for you.
    I think the Christian religious celebrations are not only inspired by the Jewish ones, but strongly linked to them.
    I find that only natural, since Christ was a Jew.
    We, “the Children of Noah”,have inherited a precious past and history from God’s Chosen People. I honour and cherish that.

    • Dear Felisol,

      I remember two years ago, when I said it was our last year with that sukkah, you thought it was our last with a sukkah in general. We are now on our second year with the new sukkah (which I complain is harder to decorate, because I can’t paint directly on the walls or staple gun a picture).

      I’m hoping to get a photo on the blog of the sukkah, once it is decorated (though this may need to wait until next week – SO much to do tomorrow).

      I’m glad you find inspiration from Sukkot.

    • I’m glad to hear that! This holiday feels like “beat the clock” – I haven’t even started the decorations. Still focused on work and buying food for recipes.

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