Lavan, Yaakov and Leah or Rachel

Lavan, Yaakov, Leah or Rachel
Lavan, Yaakov, Leah or Rachel

My daughter and her friend worked very hard on this diorama for her school’s Torah Fair. It’s sort of like a science fair, explained my husband, except the subject matter was all from the book of Breishit. My daughter’s project depicted the wedding of Yaakov and Leah. Or was it Yaakov and Rachel? In any case, for those of you who don’t know the story, Yaakov first had to work seven years to marry Leah. He thought he was marrying Rachel, but Lavan, Leah and Rachel’s father, tricked him into marrying Leah. After seven more years, he got to marry Rachel. Poor Leah – I once did a painting of Leah crying.

In other news, my eldest son graduated from high school, which emotionally is charged for me – how could my first baby be a high school graduate? We discussed in the car on the way home what is the meaning of “real life” – does being a high school graduate mean one has entered the real world? According to my niece who just finished her first year of college, college is not real life.

My blog workshop went quite well – Blog Workshop slides are now up on slideshare. Planning to write a post about the workshop soon. Meanwhile, Valeri Weidmann wrote an amazing summary of the Highland Park Public Library blog workshop: Thanks, Val!

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    • Thank you about my kids, and thank for expressing interest in my blog post. It is mostly written – maybe I’ll publish it tomorrow (and then you can read it on Sunday?).

  • Wow, mom to a high school graduate, that IS a milestone. Congratulations to you both.

    Love the diarama. Very creative, especially the Rachel and Leah as cake topper ;).

    • I just checked: it’s Yaakov and Leah. All the men look a bit feminine because as dolls they kind of were female originally.

  • Oh so much going on..I remember when we left our daughter at college..she seemed so young to be on her one…mixed emotions.. I love what you daughter and her friend did and your painting also..You have been very busy…Michelle

    • Too busy… wish I had time to stop and watch frogs! Not that we have any here, but I know you have many in your backyard.

  • Mazel Tov to your son! It is a very emotional event, and I empathize with all you are feeling.

    I love the diorama…so creative. Mazel Tov to your daughter and her friend.

    I am glad to hear your workshop went well.

    I love that painting of Leah.

    Shabbat Shalom!

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