Review with Female Cardinal

female cardinal
This female cardinal in my backyard was the first photograph I took in 2014. Note she is duller than her brightly colored male mate – she has one streak of red feathers to display. What was your first 2014 photograph?

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11 thoughts on “Review with Female Cardinal

  • I haven’t seen a female cardinal close up yet this year…well, not in good light, anyway. Although the male is more colourful, I usually think the female is equally beautiful. 😉

    • I have had the good fortune of regular visitations. And they don’t “run away” (mostly) when I get closer with my camera. I agree, the female is a beauty in a subtle, unassuming way.

    • I should really appreciate what I have, right? You had mentioned you get goldfinches – I haven’t seen those here. Tempted to set up another bird feeder.

      Yesterday my daughter said she wants a pet blue jay (after I told her we had a group of blue jay visitors for a few hours).

  • I love the links to your posts…

    Thank you for linking me.

    I love the female cardinal, and unlike the red male, she has more defined contrasts.

    • Lorri, thanks! Funny, years ago I named that category “Week in Review.” I was either less busy with work or more ambitious (or both). Too much trouble to change a category name, but it’s more like “Review after a Busy Period.” Glad you like the links to the posts. I find these reviews useful later when I need to look back at more blog posts.

  • I remember your posts with that title.

    I often do a review, but not always on Friday, so I just use a title that comes to mind at the time. They are useful, I agree.

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