Girl with Sunglasses – Watercolor

girl sunglasses watercolor
After months of not painting or posting, I am finally back to doing watercolor! Here is a watercolor painting of a girl wearing sunglasses. Does she look like a spy? The setting is Grounds for Sculpture in Hanilton Township, New Jersey, a wonderful place for an excursion.

I am happy to paint watercolors again. What subject(s) should I tackle next? I will play with ideas.

Note: I need to remember that I used software called VueScan to do this scan. When I did it straight with Photoshop or with Image Scan on the mac, both came out too bright and blurred details.

I hope you will continue to visit. Feel free to leave a comment on any creative endeavors you have been pursuing or enjoying.

4 thoughts on “Girl with Sunglasses – Watercolor

  • I like the contrasting colors in this lovely watercolor! I also like the somewhat ‘meditative’ effect, with her sitting there, looking as if she is absorbed in thought. Beautiful, Leora! <3

    • Lorri, the ‘meditative” effect just came out – when I did it in pen, she had a bit more of a smile. But it is fine with me. This is not oil painting. The more I do watercolor, the more I can achieve the effects that I want. Thank you so much for visiting.

  • I think she looks rather sad, tho I suppose spies can look sad. Nice balance of color. The bright touches of red and blue really stand out well. As for next subject matter- have you tried abstracting you subject? I don’t mean pure abstract painting , but rather choose a regular subject like a person or flowers etc, and abstracting that. I only suggest it as I though it might be a challenge.e. diff. than you’re usual work. If that doesn’t appeal, then the fall colors are always fun to capture. Well done on making time for yourself to paint.

    • Hi, Kathy! I like the idea of abstraction of a person. If you look at the next painting I did (via Facebook or Instagram, it will show up here eventually), you will see that I went with a more limited palette for that one. Thank you for your comment.

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