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Boy in Tree – Watercolor

boy in tree watercolor 2019
What are the things in life that bring you joy? I love when I get inspired to paint or draw. A few weeks ago I found this old photo; a day later I had painted this watercolor. Fortunately or unfortunately, I have been busy with other parts of my life, and I have not painted nearly as much as I would like. Sometimes I do take a sketch pad with me, so there are a few drawings of people in my sketch pad. I found another photo that could also make a nice watercolor – perhaps I will squeeze in the time to do a watercolor of that photo.

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Lorri says

I love this watercolor! I enjoy seeing the daydream look of the boy. He reminds me of my grandson, Logan, who loves to climb the tree in front of his house, and sit within its branches. Nice blend of tones of nature and the boy's shirt.

Leora says

Lorri, so good of you to visit! I found another boy photo that might make its way into a painting ...