Nature Notes: Buds

nature-noteMichelle at Rambling Woods writes:

I am going to challenge myself and hopefully you to take a look at nature. What is going on in your area? Is it spring in your part of the world or are you heading into cold weather. Take a little walk….. look at something you might never had paid attention to..a flower…a animal…What changes are taking place?..Is your garden starting to come to life again?..Step outside and close your eyes. What do you hear? …take a deep breath…What do you smell?

I’d really like to know how my blogger friends feel about what they observe in nature. Post a photo..a poem..artwork or a even few words about what you see and how it made you feel…

For my second nature note I decided to concentrate on buds:
bud_redmaple   bud_parsley   bud_daffodils

bud_magnolia   bud_tree   bud_forsythia

Top row: red maple tree in Donaldson Park, parsley in my garden (not really a bud but “budding”), my daffodils on the first day of spring after a surprise snowfall

Bottom row: magnolia bud from N. 8th Avenue (avenue has a strip of trees down the middle), my neighbor’s tree (maple?), forsythia bud in my backyard

Please click each thumbnail to experience the photo fully. Thank you.

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