Thursday Challenge: Celebration

Baskin Robbins Fairytopia Birthday Ice Cream Cake, viewed from behind
Baskin Robbins Fairytopia Birthday Ice Cream Cake, viewed from behind

My daughter turned seven. The fairy birthday party went well; thirteen fairies arrived, made fairy wreaths, received fairy wands and diplomas, went on a lost fairy hunt, played fairy freeze dance, put on three fairy skits about magic wishes, and enjoyed pizza and Fairytopia ice cream cake.

The theme for this week’s Thursday’s Challenge is CELEBRATION (National Holiday, Independence Day, Commemoration, Party, Fireworks,…).

24 thoughts on “Thursday Challenge: Celebration

    • The daughter. Last year it was a ballet party. The year before was a princess party. The games and activities are similar each time; and for the past two years my middle son tells a whole story to the girls and sends them on a hunt. This year he was Farmer Bob with a pitchfork.

  • My daughters are much older, and still demand the Baskin-Robbins b-day cake! Last year, the youngest turned 18…we got her a Disney Princess Cake. Love your snap. The colors are yummy!

  • What a sweet cake! Sounds like a cute party.
    Your list of things they did are sound wonderful.
    Oh to be seven and have your life ahead of you:)

  • Happy birthday! Did she dress up as a fairy? I remember when my girls were really into fairies. They had this toy where you pulled the string and the fairy went spinning into the air, wings flying.

    • Cool. So when does it turn off (the love of little kid stuff)? I like this stage. I remember when my oldest son was totally into the Thomas the Tank Engine. Now we are not really sure what he is “into,” other than complicated online computer games and books that none of us adults have ever read.

      • Orli, who just turned 12 told me the other day I could get rid of her American Girl Doll. I told her NO WAY, that thing cost me 90 dollars, if she’s done with it, I’LL PLAY WITH IT. I would say my kids stopped with the girlie-girlie stuff (Barbies, those tiny little dolls I forget what they are called, etc0 at about 10. But I guess it depends on the kid.

    • The kids wrote the skits themselves. My babysitter and I helped coordinate (or else they would have taken forever).

      By now, the leftovers of the cake are still in the freezer, and I wish it were gone. I’m tempted to just toss it…

      • so what is stopping you??!! I pride myself in finding a home for most everything, peels into the compost (now wormbox), old food for the dog, old bread for breadcrumbs or croutons – but some things just aren’t valuable to keep – you’ve got the pictures and the memories, it’s enough.

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