Book Review with Sleep, Names, and Separation

The Man Who Never Stopped Sleeping

A book review of The Man Who Never Stopped Sleeping by Aharon Appelfeld This review explores important themes of the book, such as sleep, names, separation, literary explorations within a book, connections to the past, and healing. Basic plot: The main character along with a group of teenage boys is a Holocaust survivor. He and […]

Jewish Newport, Rhode Island: Colonial and Modern

raw power juice bar wall fundraiser

The oldest standing synagogue building in the United States is the Touro Synagogue in Newport, Rhode Island. I was surprised to learn the building was used in Colonial times for only a few years. Then the War of Independence began, the British came into Newport, and soon after the Jews left the city. Some families […]

Celebrate Israel Parade 2017

Celebrate Israel parade

Fun Celebrate Israel parade down 5th Avenue in New York City: floats, Maayanot, MK politician, unicyclists, balloons, El Al dancers, tuba, Israel China U.S. relations float, and more

Mask for Purim


Purim mask – a mask is a symbol of “hidden.” Purim mishloach manot made out of decorated oatmeal containers with Purim wrapping paper, colored hamantaschen and Esther pointing at Haman illustration.

Watercolor Sketch: Esther Points at Haman

Esther points out Haman

I started this sketch of Esther pointing out Haman to Ahashverosh of Persia way back in December. It is based on an old painting – if you want, you can look it up. I liked the idea of the boldness of Esther. Is she someone to emulate? Can we find evil and point it out? […]

Central Poland Synagogues and Yom Hashoa

My son went to Poland. I told him I wanted him to take lots of photos. At first, he gave me the usual response about others taking photos or you can look them up on the internet. But in the end, he did take the photos, and I think his choice of subjects were telling. […]