Sunset in New Brunswick, NJ

sunset on Route One New Brunswick, New Jersey
I took this shot of sunset by Route 1 in New Brunswick, New Jersey almost one month ago, and today I am finally putting it up on my blog. This scene is right next to the Route 1 bridge that I painted in a watercolor last week.

sunset over the Raritan River
By the time my daughter and I got to Boyd Park in New Brunswick, which is right next to the Raritan River, sunset was almost all gone. Only a bit of light was left in the sky. In the distance you can see the bridge (see those little lights?) that connects New Brunswick and Highland Park. I would love to return to Boyd Park at some point with my camera and my daughter, especially to see more sunset in New Brunswick NJ. There is a little stage and modern amphitheater there that does not look like it gets a lot of use. It would be fun to have my daughter act or dance on the stage at some point when there is a bit more light (and a lot less heat and humidity).

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