Thursday Challenge: Broken Egg Shells

Today I was able to turn my compost for the first time since fall. During the winter the ground is frozen (and so is my compost) even when there is no blanket of snow covering the compost. What can you identify in my compost? Why is that item good for the soil? Thursday Challenge is […]

On Local Produce

Can you buy produce from local farmers easily? What do farmers grow in your area? Every Friday in the summer (June to November) we have a farmers’ market in Highland Park. It is fun to go and see fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers. This Friday I bought some mixed lettuce greens and two cucumbers. I […]

Lazy Composting

It’s pea-planting time in New Jersey. I ordered my peas and inoculant; they are sitting and awaiting my having the time and energy to plant them. I already dug a trench where I want them planted. Digging the “trench” (it’s only about 3 inches wide) was easy because the “dirt” in that spot is a […]