What I would Blog about if I had time to Blog

Passover has been, well, a bit of a distraction for me. And blogging seems to have fallen to low priority, after cooking, sleeping, working, entertaining my daughter, washing dishes, baking potato kugel with my eldest son, brownies with my middle son, a nut jam cake with my daughter after she found out I already made a sponge cake without her.

So here is a list of what I might blog about in the future, maybe:

  • Differences (and similarities) between Drupal and WordPress
  • My Questions about Drupal
  • How will Drupal 7 be different than Drupal 6
  • A new Nature Notes (a meme by Rambling Woods)
  • Barnum and Bailey Circus (may be in an upcoming Ruby Tuesday post)
  • Stuffed Squash for Passover
  • Slavery to Freedom Salad, updated with cooked radishes
  • Klara’s Radish with Umeboshi Paste Pickles (delicious! yum)
  • Replacing Grass with Chamomile
  • My Dill Germinated
  • Twitter for Insurance
  • Twitter for Bloggers
  • Twitter for Understanding Autism
  • How Mrs. S. posts about Reasons to Make Aliyah (moving to Israel) but Baila’s post about the Midras Ruins would certainly be a convincing factor. Mom in Israel’s visit to Poleg Nature Reserve also would be an incentive.
  • Synagogues in Far Rockaway (and how the young women in the White Shul wear black and I’m glad I live in Highland Park)
  • Any new drawing by my daugher for a new What Do You See post
  • My upcoming library talks with Eva Abreu at Highland Park Public Library, Edison Public Library and Franklin Township Public Library. See Eva’s Tour Schedule for more details and other featured speakers.

If I am organized enough, maybe I will post about Spring in New York City before 7 pm this evening. In case I don’t make it to that post, enjoy the rest of Pesach if you are celebrating. Everyone, take a few minutes to note any signs of spring in your neighborhood. If you are living in Australia and you happen to read this post, feel free to share signs of autumn.

Friday Has Arrived


Update: Thank you to Judy for identifying the blue flowers as scilla.

On My Blog

Today’s Flowers: Daffodils

The Drupal Experiment
I plan to post more about Drupal in the coming months, and I hope to write about Drupal vs. WordPress. Non-technical readers, I hope you will read these posts, as it is helpful for me to know what you can or cannot understand. Perhaps I will also post about an installed WordPress blog like my own and one hosted on WordPress.com, like that of Ilana-Davita.

Passover is Fun
I especially enjoyed the comments of Melissa (who is celebrating Passover for the first time) and of Mojo (who relates his one Pesach experience).

A Photo of Three Bowls of My Pottery
(how I long to get back to throwing on the wheel: someday!)

Landscape Workshop

Nature Notes: Germination

Four Cups in Watercolor

Scheduled for Saturday night: Another What Do You See post, featuring a cityscape by my daughter.

Elsewhere in the Universe