Hawthorn Berries and Thorns

By the time I had a chance to photograph the hawthorn berries this year, they were a bit past their prime. You can see some of my photos of the hawthorn tree from last year.

My main goal for this year was to get a shot of the thorns. Do you see the sharp thorns?


hawthorn_blue_sky hawthorn_mangled hawthorn_berries

For more nature notes or signs of the season, visit Rambling Woods:

Red Berry Hawthorn Tree

red berry tree
A tree of red berries is around the corner from my home. I first noticed it for a Sky Watch post.

One of the members of our local Shade Tree Advisory Committee identified the tree for me as a hawthorn tree. She called me from the tree and said, “Leora, did you see the thorns on this tree?” I hadn’t, but in the above photo I circled in pale yellow where the thorns are, close to the tree and not obvious.

Another way she could tell it was a hawthorn was from the bark.

I had just learned about hawthorn berries from Mimi’s post. It seems that they are edible!

For more photos of my tree, go to my Flickr account. There’s another hawthorn berry tree in Highland Park on South Fourth Avenue.