Blue Arrow for Metuchen

blue arrow
It’s time for me to start re-connecting with this side of the Atlantic Ocean. So, in order to do so, I present you with yet one more photo of Israel, this time a blue arrow on a small highway somewhere in between Modiin and Hashmonaim.

Have you ever driven down Rte 27 in Metuchen? Or have ever given anyone directions to drive to Highland Park from the Garden State? You need to take a weird left after Main Street in Metuchen into what appears to be–ongoing traffic? You can’t really tell if you are doing the right thing, can you? When you take that left, not like you really are turning into a different road. It’s all Route 27! One long road that starts–where does it start? But you can drive on that road all the way to Princeton. Google Maps tells me that little scary left is from Middlesex Avenue unto Lake Avenue. Well, my husband has proposed that one of these nice little blue arrows might do the trick. So your guest doesn’t keep going and up on Rt. 287 or some other miscellaneous road.

In other local news, Mason Resnick is trying to lure Trader Joe’s to Highland Park. And Jill Caporlingua was part of Random Acts of Fun last night, as she taught art on Raritan Avenue.

Regarding issues that effect all of us, mommies or not, Mother In Israel posted about nursing moms in malls and Frumhouse continued with her nursing experiences. Don’t you want to live a society that does the right thing?