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Favorite Ruby Tuesdays of 2009

December 28th, 2009 by
Ruby Tuesday

I decided to pick some of my favorite Ruby Tuesday posts to feature in this last Ruby Tuesday of 2009. Click on any of the photos below or the link underneath to revisit the 2009 post.


snow girl

Snowgirl, January 2009, built by two offspring of mine and a friend

Ruby Tuesday with a Heart

circus elephants

Barnum Bailey Ringling Brothers Circus in New York City

Ruby Tuesday at the Circus
Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam at Israel Day Parade

Ruby Tuesday Red White and Blue

farm chickens

Chickens at Howell Living History Farm in Mercer County, New Jersey

Ruby Tuesday at Howell Farm
Joseph Hall Home

One of the Houses of Cape May, New Jersey

Reds of Cape May

Voting at Allaire Historical Village

Allaire State Park - Re-enactment of vote of 1836

Should Women Vote?

Belle the Therapy Dog

Belle the Therapy Dog Helps Children Learn to Read

Belle the Therapy Dog

dragon at the Highland Park Public Library

Dragon hanging at the Highland Park Public Library

Dragon of Highland Park

It wasn’t easy to choose. Clearly, I had a fun year putting up posts for Ruby Tuesday.

I am working on a post of Favorite Images of 2009. If you have a post of favorite images, if you leave the link in the comments, I will include in a post later this week.

38 Responses to Favorite Ruby Tuesdays of 2009

  1. Jew Wishes says:

    What a great post, Leora, with wonderful RT captures! I love the first one so much…those red glasses just pop out.

  2. Leora, what a wonderful post! I will certainly link to this post from my RT post which will be up ASAP! And I’ll be using your new RT badge! Thanks so much again and Happy New Year! :)

  3. Gemma says:

    Adore all these images! But I think the most beautiful ones for me are the snowman and Belle! They are just so cute! Happy New Year!

  4. carolynUSA says:

    I especially love that snowman! What a hoot!

  5. Pekka says:

    My favourite is snowgirl. Thanks for visiting at my site Kuusela and happy New Year for You. ;-)

  6. Ilana-Davita says:

    You know this morning when you suggested a favorite pictures post I thought of featuring my favorite pics for RT. The only thing was that I wanted thumbnails which linked to the actual photos but I couldn’t t remember how to do it. I had too little time to search your blog for instructions so I gave up the idea. I could just have done it the way you did!
    My favorite are the hens, Bella and the dragon.

  7. Jientje says:

    The black and white chickens picture is my favorite!

  8. I loved the drawings at the end of Sherlock Holmes Leora!! They were the best part of the whole movie… :)

  9. felisol says:

    I made my choice before I had a look at “the votes”. My favorite dog Snoopy would say,” I’m not unique”.
    I am for the snowdog. Doesn’t it loo just like Snoopy?
    From Felisol

  10. Patti V. says:

    I remember all of them but the snow person..I love your idea of doing a “Best of” Ruby Tuesday wrap-up, Leora. Very clever.

    Belle is so sweet.

    I wish you and yours a happy and healthy 2010 ~

    I may be back if I can find a favorite image of mine. I’m an attention junkie, ya know.

  11. Kathy says:

    what fun pics, well done!

  12. Miranda says:

    Aww Belle is beautiful….have to say though that snowman is a lil sad looking ;( …;)

  13. Ralph says:

    I love all the rubies. I am partial to Uncle Sam in his puffy hat and Belle the Wonder Therapy Dog. All are nice captures!

    I have a ruby + reflection:

    I leave a non ruby, too:

  14. Kim says:

    I love all the photos thanks for sharing!

    Salsa and Tomato sauce

  15. chubskulit says:

    wow, my eyes are feasting on your rubies hehehe. The chicken looks awesome.

    My Ruby Tuesday. Wishing you and your family a happy new year!

  16. luna miranda says:

    wow, what a fabulous collection! i love snowgirl, so cool! and the chickens, great photo!

  17. Regina says:

    Gorgeous captures! Love it.
    I wish you a wonderful Holidays Leora.
    Happy New Year!

    Cheers and regards.

  18. Marites says:

    Now, that’s really a good idea. lovely collection of reds! Snowgirl is really adorable:) happy holidays!

    My RT is up too…

  19. The Ringling Bros, Circus, not to be confused with the U.S. Congress…

  20. Auntie E says:

    Very nice collection. I am partial to the snowman,loving the snow. Happy New Year to You.

  21. Stephanie V says:

    Great idea to put them together. All that red looks so good!

  22. EG Wow! says:

    Wonderful review, Leora. I hope to see many more Ruby Tuesday posts here in 2010!

  23. Carver says:

    These are all wonderful. The snowman wearing sunglasses is such fun.

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