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Pics of the Month

My favorite section of my website is called Pics of the Month. My intention is to put up new art, photos, Flash bits every month. OK, maybe I should call it Pics of Every Two or Three Months. But that would be a weird title. I captured some beautiful fall leaves recently; I intend to put them up soon. Yesterday, the weather looked pretty bleak out there, all the fall leaves had turned brown and bunched in a corner, whatever snow fell soon turned into a wet crunchy crust on the sidewalk. I see in Boston it snowed yesterday. We had a lot of very wet sleet here in Jersey.

Getting back to the pics…I haven’t had much time to do canvas or paper-based art lately. I’ve been busy with work (more about that in a different post) and designing this blog. I use Pics of the Month to build up my Flash skills, and I would like an alef-bet Flash movie to appear there soon. My daughter has been rather alef-bet challenged, meaning she can’t understand why in the world she should learn those funny characters we keep drawing for her on pieces of scrap paper. For a treat, here is one of my fall photos (look for diagonals and movement— are those two trees talking to each other? One is mine, and one is my neighbor’s):

Fall Leaves

Jill says

Nice composition! The colors and the way you caught the light are gorgeous, too.


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