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Juggling Frogs, Tag Cloud, Comment Spam

For all those who care to know about fellow bloggers: Juggling Frogs is reportedly fine and busy preparing for a family simcha (celebration). Nice to hear good news.

A few days ago I created a Tag Cloud for my sidebar. What’s a Tag Cloud, you ask? Go down to where it says Popular Tags. If you roll your mouse over one of the tags, you can see how many posts I have done that have that tag. And if you click on it, you can read those posts. Now, being an artist, I wanted the smaller tags to balance more nicely with the larger tags. So ideally I would want some little tag that begins with an ‘a’ or a ‘b’ to balance those larger ones. That’s just more interesting than starting my cooking for Shabbat.

Finally, I am pleased to say that Akismet, the anti-spam module that comes with WordPress, let Therapydoc post a comment without my having to take it out of spam, where it previously put her comment. So my fears of having to check continually to see if I have false positives in my Akismet comments were unfounded. This stuff works, after all. (Basically, I like WordPress).

BabkaNosher says

Cool! Thanks for the update on JF!

Batya says

I'm glad that jf is ok. I was worried.

So far, "comment spam" isn't a major problem, bli eyin haraa. Don't quite understand the tag cloud thing.

Leora says

About tag clouds:
When I write a post in Wordpress, I can specify tags for that post. For example, I put 'lice' under my one lice post. So lice looks tiny in the tag cloud. But I used the word 'pareve' 3 times as a tag, so it shows up larger.

This isn't something you can do with every blogging system.


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