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Garden Watercolor

garden watercolor

It was one of those days. So, to make myself feel better, I uploaded a watercolor I did a few months ago. See the original photo here.

My friend who has graduated from my stage in life (her youngest is twenty-years old, and she has 5 daughters) said she remembers when her kids were younger: if she was working, she felt like she should be with her kids. If she was with her kids, she felt should be working.

Today, when I had the opportunity to do some artwork, I felt I should be working. And when I went back to working, I wished I could spend more time doing artwork. And I’m with my kids… my mind is on art, work, blogging…My daughter is calling me now…

therapydoc says

You're a regular Van Gogh, L! Great!

babkaNosher says


Leora says

Thank you so much, therapydoc and babkaN ! Today is definitely going to be a brighter day, and your comments help push me in that direction.

I do hope my mental health is better than Van Gogh's. I certainly work at it!

Gail says

Oh, I love it! Beautifully done.

I understand exactly what you mean about being torn in different directions. There never seem to be enough hours in the day.

Batya says

Lovely picture.
Your kids should be your priority.

Leora says


Agreed. So in order that my children have a happy mom, I need to find a little time for artwork. It's not happening today, though! Today is work, work, work, so I can contribute toward my son's high school tuition next year (20K).

Pesky Settler says

Such a peaceful scene! I love it.

Oh, and the Seforim vending machine is in the central bus station in Jerusalem.

Jill says

This looks lovely on-line! I believe the time you take for yourself and your art can make you a BETTER mother. That's my humble opinion.

Leora says


Thanks for "make me a better mom" pep talk. I've been planning to take an hour or two to work on my latest oil, and it just hasn't happened yet! Maybe I need to go to some retreat in Northern Canada for a few days with my paints, no distractions ...


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