Stock a Food Pantry

cansYesterday I cleared out space on the top of my cabinets. Passover is coming, and I need to stock up on the non-perishables already available for weeks in the supermarket.

Clearing out the space was easy, because in addition to anything I had placed there for Purim, for the last few weeks I put up non-perishables that I did not need and wanted to donate to the Highland Park Food Pantry. I dropped them in the food pantry bin today in our local supermarket.

I’ve organized two Cub Scout food drives in the past for the Highland Park Food Pantry. Unfortunately, too many people in our area find it necessary to stand on line and wait their turn for food. One of my friends said her son saw a classmate standing on line. It made him feel his task was all the more important.

Passover food is expensive, too. So our area has a kosher food bank at the Jewish Family and Vocational Service.

So while we are all enjoying the spring, put a non-perishable item in your local food pantry bin.

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