Blog Carnivals

I’ve participated in two blog carnivals, and here are the links:
Haveil Haveilim 161: Pidgeon Break
I looked up “pidgeon” and found this:

rats with wings, a person, usually a martin, with a barrel chest and pronounced curve in their rig that makes their ass trail behind their shoulders by an inch or so.

And the delicious kosher cooking carnival, #29, pre-Passover edition.

In a fit of insanity, I seemed to have volunteered to do the August Kosher Cooking Carnival. More on that much, much later.

It is a lot of fun to participate in these carnivals. Humor and waffle jokes fly about (though many of the posts are serious and seriously informative, especially in Haveil Haveilim). Kudos to all the hosts and bloggers.

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