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Creative Workshop Anxious Daughter

This past Sunday my daughter had the pleasure of attending an art and yoga workshop for ages 4 -7 here in Highland Park with Jill. Daughter made it clear she didn’t want me to leave her. I said OK, as I also wanted to watch Jill do a workshop (she’s very talented and good with kids; she teaches art to my Middle Son). And I took pictures.
yoga at workshop with Jill Caporlingua
One of my daughter’s friends came, so that relaxed her a bit. Jill first asked the kids to say their names and tell about what they like. My daughter was shy. Jill then did some yoga with the kids. When it came time for art, which my daughter usually loves, she came into the corner with me instead of going to the art mat. I went over to the art mat and pretended that I was going to do the art instead. Finally, she came over and did the art project. All the kids decorated funky suns.
art workshop with Jill Caporlingua
My daughter eventually got really into the project.
daughter drawdrawing at a workshop with Jill
You can see that she has some of her dollies with her to keep her company.

At the end, Jill taught the kids to do the sun pose. My daughter, however, was by then focused on her tummy, which was announcing that it was lunch time. So we left quickly at the end and thanked Jill on our way out.

Great workshop, Jill!

Jill says

Thanks Leora!
I love the look on your daughter's face in the pic on the lower left. It just captures the joy and wonder in creating art.
All those kids were great. Such enthusiasm (despite little bouts of shyness).
Looking forward to the next workshop.

Gail says

Your daughter is a cutie!

Leora says

Thanks, Gail. I hope your daughter is feeling better.


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