I’m Famous (sort of)

Menachem Wecker just posted an interview we did over email on his blog, Iconia. I really enjoyed answering his questions; the connection between Judaism and art for me brings up many issues, struggles, joys.


6 thoughts on “I’m Famous (sort of)

  • Beautiful and thoughtful interview. I sense the strong connection between your art, your mother, and your children.


  • I loved the article. Thank you for sharing. Re art, family connection, etc: Recently another artist friend showed me a painting she did to specifically to help find closure after the loss of her mother. Did you similarly have any particular pieces that have had specific “therapeutic” goals for you? Or does that just sort of come up as you work? Just curious as you are always so interesting 🙂

  • I do art in general because it soothes my soul. The connection with my mother and art started when I was a child on a beach, and my mother brought her sketch pad, and she taught me to draw in perspective. So it’s all therapeutic.

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