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four cupsI tend to be fond of blogs with visual content. Not surprising, as I am an artist. So here’s where I’ve been recently:

  • Batya posted scenes of spring last week. It is fun to compare spring in one part of the world to the other; at first I mistook her grape vine shot for forsythia, but now that I can compare the two photos I see that grape vines are much woodier.
  • Poor Batya! It seems that her monitor is broken, as she again reported here. Do you think she can find one in this office of monitors? Meanwhile, Pesky Settler starting naming her photos, and my favorite is the fig.
  • I’ve been noticing that A Simple Jew has simply great visual taste. Take a look at this landscape painting, by Rhode Axel who I think is really Meir Alexlrod(1902-1970), a Russian artist who may have never even seen the subject of the painting, namely the Golan. Note the use of cool, distancing blue in the background against the complementary warm fiery orange in the foreground. Another interesting visual choice by A Simple Jew: a bearded father reads a great big book, presumably a gemarah, while the little boy in a cap plays the violin. Contrast it with the subject matter of the post; in the drawing, it is the boy who yearns for the father’s attention. In the post, Chabakuk Elisha asks how can we get kids attracted to Yiddishkeit.
  • Finally, I posted a comment to this post on Iconia, and I got an email back asking me about my artwork in connection to religion. Like my four cups or candles. Stay tuned for more at a later point…

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