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I added a little WordPress plugin called Subscribe to Comment that allows you to check a little box on the comment form so you can get follow up comments in your email. A reader asked about it, so I decided to implement the plugin. Feel free to try it out (I always enjoy your comments, in general, all of you!).

I found a recommendation for the plugin on this WordPress blog called WebDesignerWall. If you like funky, beautifully designed web pages, it’s worth a peek.

There are a multitude of WordPress plugins, and some seem quite fun. Simple Recent Comments is one I must do soon. Maybe I’ll add it to the bottom, along with a list of archives of posts. I should try out some simple stats package, but those you won’t see. Unless I tell you. Oh, yes, I could tell you…another post idea!

And here’s an experiment with a blockquote that has a different border and background than the one I standardly use. More fun with WordPress.

As an additional experiment, I am going to set this post to be published at 3:15 am EST.

5 thoughts on “Email Notification Added

  • I’d love to try that, I was actually wondering how to do it afer visiting blogs that had the plugin but I have no idea how to add a plugin to a blog. Sigh!

  • Ilana-Davita, I checked, and I couldn’t find a way you can have email-notification for commenters if you use instead of your own blog on your own webhosting site. You could always send them an email and ask. Maybe they’ll consider making it a standard feature.

    The way I do it is I download the plugin, read the directions, then ftp the plugin code up to the plugins folder. Then I go into the admin panel and hit activate. This one was so easy to do.

  • hmm…i might be the only one but so far i’m still happy with blogger. i am not quite ready to make the switch to wordpress or whatever the cool kids are using…but sometimes i’m jealous. however, now that blogger allows post-scheduling in advance, i’m even more content:-) any really good arguments for switching?

  • Phyllis, no, if you want free, it seems that Blogger offers a lot. If you want to use WordPress with its full functionality, you would need to 1) pay for your own webhosting and 2) be comfortable with code.

    I like to tweak a lot, do some of my own coding, and I already pay for webhosting for my website, so for me, using WordPress is free.

    Let me know who the “cool kids” are. I got no clue. Personally, I think you and Ilana-Davita are pretty cool!

  • I am not sure I could manage with code…
    I’ll try and look into the advantages and drawbacks of having my own webhosting site when I have more time.

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