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Yom Ha’Atzmaut in Edison, NJ

Ever wonder if your blogging can have effect? This morning I woke up and found this:
Remembering in New Jersey

So I felt I should share with you the next day as well, the annual RPRY Yom Ha’Atzmaut parade, which is always a lot of fun. This year, the sky was rather cloudy. But out came many people: students, teachers, parents, neighbors. We march around the block.
RPRY parade
I enjoyed talking with some other moms about my chauffeuring 5 teenage boys to Teaneck on Tuesday, and how as a mom of a teenager you are “not supposed to say anything in the car.” No adding your own jokes, no reflections on the conversation.

In the end, it did rain on our parade.
3 girls
But I had brought my daughter’s treasured umbrella, and she enjoyed sharing it with a friend.

Some of the littlest children went for shelter on a porch:



We had live musicians accompanying the parade, too, to add to the merriment.
dancing in the gym
The younger children returned to their classrooms, and the older children, such as my boys, continued the celebration with dancing in the gym.

On my walk home, I was tempted to take some photos of some of the homes with Israeli flags. Instead, take a look at all the flags in the Tel Aviv area here.

Batya says

Looks like so much fun!!!

Thanks for posting!

Leora says

Glad you enjoyed it, Batya. My friends in Boston call this area "Chai-land Park"...if you can't live in Israel (yet), you can always join the celebration on Harrison and Edgemount. Actually, HP-Edison area probably has one of the highest rates of Aliyah (moving to Israel) of Jewish communities in the U.S.

Lion of Zion says

can you make it that that pictures can be enlarged when you click on them

Leora says

Lion of Zion, sure, I can, but it just takes more time (no one is paying me my hourly rate to write my blog). Any pic in particular? You want to see if your friends are in the photos? ;-)

Lion of Zion says

"it just takes more time"

really? in blogger (which i use) you don't have to do anything special for that feature.

"Any pic in particular?"

nah. no big deal. i was curious if i'd recognize someone :)

Leora says

Lion of Zion, you can do this in WordPress, too, but for various (probably over-perfectionist) reasons I don't use those shortcuts.

My daughter has two birthday parties next Sunday. I bet you would know at least one of the little girls at those parties. But I'm not posting those!


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