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A Moment in the Park

A moment in the park, boy and girl walking together

Baila says

Beautiful picture. I have a picture of my three daughters at the beach. I took the picture from the back as well. Two of them are concentrating on their sand play and the third, my youngest (about two at the time) is looking at the water and has the cutest wedgie in her bathing suit. It is one of my favorite shots of the girls.

Gail says

Ah. They are so sweet. Love the way they are holding hands.

Leora says

Baila, the "cutest wedgie"? Now I'm not so embarrassed by my daughter's itty bitty white shorts.

Gail, someone sitting next to me said, "quick, take a picture of them." You wouldn't know from this photo that there are tons of other kids in the park, too.

hihorosie says

What a great photo! It's so sweet. Hope you plan on framing that.

Glad you like/appreciate my food pics. It's fun to be in the kitchen sometimes. :) And hey, I understand wanting to stay at nice hotels but I do like to camp once in awhile. Definitely makes you appreciate a BED!

Ilana-Davita says

Beautiful photo and cute children.


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