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Art Show in Highland Park

Can anyone tell me how one can be in three places at once? This past Sunday there was a wonderful art show in Highland Park, which I missed because I was here and then at the tail end of the Cong. Etz Ahaim picnic.

Bill Bonner, an talented, artistic photographer and one of the exhibitors in the show sent me these photos that he took of the reception last Sunday:
crowd at the show
julia on the drums
Other artists in the show included my friend Jill Caporlingua, who has written posts on this blog and sometimes comments, my neighbor Mort Farrah, and my friend Rick Black. Sharon Sayegh, a painter I admire, also exhibited.

  For more Highland Park artists, see

Ilana-Davita says

HP certainly seems to be a very rich and active community.

Leora says

Ilana-Davita, yes, we have quite a range of folks of varying talents in this little borough!

Jill says

Thanks for the great post!
By the way, the show will still be open to the public during their working hours (they vary, call 732-246-7066). They are usually open 10am-7pm, sometimes later and definitely Saturday and Sunday noon-6pm. I'll be there hosting from noon-2pm on Sunday June 8th (last day of the show).

Leora says

Jill, I tried to go yesterday, and it was closed. If you are there on Sunday at noon, maybe I (and whichever of my two artistic children I can convince) will come visit for a bit. I would love to have you as our tour guide.

Leah says

Is Cong. Etz Ahaim on Dennison Street? It was an empty lot where we played, when I grew up there. I lived across the street from it -- 219 Dennison Street, if I recall correctly. The Saltiels owned the house.

Leora says

Leah, yes, Etz Ahaim is on Dennison Street. I know Lilas Saltiel. She still is an active member of Etz Ahaim and of the Highland Park community (she does the food pantry sometimes).


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