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my breakfast at Kfar Blum
My breakfast at Kfar Blum (my son makes fun of how much salad I eat)

Westbank Mama hosts Kosher Cooking Carnival.


Phyllis at ImaBima hosts Haveil Havalim: The Packing for Camp Edition. Thank you, Phyllis, for including some Pirkei Avot links and a link to my Galil post. We need to pack for camp (Camp Stone, for Middle Son) when we are finished unpacking from our Israel trip.

hihorosie says

That looks beautiful and scrumptious!

Leora says

Rosie, makes me want to learn how to grow my own sprouts. I'll put that on my to do list.

Ilana-Davita says

Nice picture. It all looks very "chic".
Wikipedia says that this kibbutz was named in honor of Léon Blum, the Jewish socialist former Prime Minister of France. That's interesting. I would never have thought that he would be remembered this way.

Leora says

Ilana-Davita, we enjoyed meeting some of the older kibbutzniks at the pool. The kibbutz itself, however, has gone from being agriculturally based to specializing in two fields that are very capitalist: 1) the hotel is high-end, named "Pastoral", with massages (for a fee) offered in the lobby and other amenities in their spa (for even higher fees)
2) Real estate development, as they subdivide some of their fields and offer them for sale with beautiful new homes planned for the subdivided lots.
Would Léon Blum approve? I don't know much at all about him.

Ilana-Davita says

I don't know that many things. Other than he was the first Jewish French PM, and that although he was a socialist he never allied with the communists. Apparently he strongly felt both Jewish and French.
When the war broke out he never left France and was finally deported to Buchenwald where he was better treated than other people due to his former political position. But his brother was assassinated in Auschwitz.
Yet I think that, most of all, his government (1936-1937) is remembered for instituting "paid vacation" - for the first time employers were compelled to pay their employees during the holidays (2 weeks at the time).

phyllis says

yummy! kfar blum is such a nice place to stay....thanks for the link!

Lion of Zion says

i love israeli breakfasts


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