17 thoughts on “Composition in Blue

  • Gina, did you find me via Robin? You left no URL and I’m curious! Thanks for dropping in and leaving a note.

    Ilana-Davita, blueberries from the supermarket, from Florida. In the winter we get them from Chile. Blueberry season in the Northeast U.S. is typically in August.

    A great book for kids is: Blueberries for Sal, by Robert McCloskey.

  • What a pretty bowl, and fresh blueberries to put in it too. What a treat. I need a second mortgage to buy them here.

    I’m glad you’re playing along.

  • What a wonderful photo! I love all the different blues, the layers and patterns and the shadow. Think it would have taken me more than 10 minutes to pull it together.

  • I’m overwhelmed by all these commenters, new and returning. Thank you!

    About the ten minutes: I knew I had to do work, which isn’t as creative as doing this photo, so it was do in ten minutes and don’t worry about the wrinkles in the cloth. It helps that my kitchen is blue, so I have blue bowls and blue towels. And my kids eat blueberries by the boxful.

  • I really like this, particularly the contrast of light and shadow and the different shapes: the straight lines of the tablecloth, and the irregular pattern in the bowl and the pile of berries.

  • Thank you for commenting on my “Much Ado About Something” blog.

    This is a beautiful composition in blue, and I was very excited to see that bowl. I used to own one exactly like it that sadly got broken many years ago; it belonged to my grandmother.

  • Sara, thanks for visiting here. Love all the blues on your blog. I have two of the those beautiful blue bowls; they were my mother’s.

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