10 thoughts on “Dancing Dogwood Flowers

  • Thanks, Rosie, Ilana-Davita, and Robin. I thought I might have made it a little too dark, like a little haunted. I think partially that may be the computer emphasizing certain colors even more. The color under the bottom flower in my original downstairs isn’t *that* yellow, but the computer picks up the yellow and highlights it.

  • Raizy, I’m working on the “how” I am going to sell them. I don’t want to sell originals, not right now. Instead, I plan to make what’s called Giclee Prints. Limited Editions that would be more affordable than the originals would be.

    I also want to sell cards, probably a collection of floral cards, maybe a mix of watercolors and photos. I’m exploring printing possibilities.

    Thanks for asking!

  • Beautiful! In NW TN where we had dogwoods, the redbud would bloom first and then the dogwoods. We are no longer in TN and I was missing our dogwoods so I searched for photos of them and the promise of Spring. I love your painting! I would be interested in a print. Please keep me posted when you get the details worked out. Thanks!

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