Dancing Dogwood, take 2

dancing dogwood, palette knife filter from Photoshop

Welcome to the modern world. If you can play with a painting in Photoshop, why not? I applied the palette knife filter to my gouache painting (that painting did have a bit of watercolor in the background, too, by the way). I then un-applied the filter to the spot that had my signature.

5 thoughts on “Dancing Dogwood, take 2

  • Thanks for being honest. I agree. The original had my nervous energy from yesterday, and this one is covering all that up.

  • I wish you could post the pictures side-by-side so I can really compare them.

    You paint really quickly, don’t you?

    Do you sell your paintings?

  • Baila, I’m working on created cards and what’s called: Giclee, so I can sell professional prints. But I enjoy painting itself much more than researching printing. I don’t want to sell low-quality prints. But I don’t want the product to be so expensive that almost no one can afford it, either.

    Phyllis, glad you like ’em!

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